Our system can make every delivery easy

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We have created a platform that connects to all your all third-party ordering systems (GrubHub, ChowNow, Delivery.com...etc.) so you never have to type in another customer information to request a driver. Our drivers are automatically requested, as soon as customer order their meal online. You can see the orders coming in real-time, choose when you would like us to pick-up the order.



All the routes are automatically optimized with the current traffic status. This will help our drivers to get the delivery on time, while taking the most efficient route. From beginning to an end, you will have detailed timeline with Geo and timestamps for each delivery so you could track your every order.



We will take away the hassle of customers keep on asking for their food status because our system automatically notifies the customer from the time our driver pick-up the food to 5 minutes away from delivering it to them.

Automated INVOICES

Every night, you will be able to see the customized invoices of the total delivery completed for the day. You will get to see the detailed insights of each delivery right in your email.

Cashless system

Payment is secure and cashless and takes place right in the app. All payment information is saved securely so you only need to enter it once. Now you never have to worry about not having enough cash to payout to the drivers.

Analytics & Report

You will receive monthly report that will show the key metrics to help your business to make smart decisions based on real-time analytics.